About Us

Maclagan and its surrounding district has a population of around 200.  The MACLAGAN SQUEEZEBOX FESTIVAL is one of the major community events in our district.  Our small rural community comes together on the second Saturday in October each year to play the musical instruments of yesteryear and then 'jam and dance' the night away to good old-fashioned accordion music.

Our district has a strong German heritage and the song and dance and musical culture of the early immigrants are now firmly transplanted into this part of regional Queensland.  Come visit our district in October and stay for a few days.  Join in jam sessions with like-minded musicians at various venues then come together for the impromptu jam session, which goes well into the evening, at the nearby Quinalow Hotel on second Friday evening in October.

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On Saturday accordion players  from 'all over' come to perform and there are visitors in the audience from every state in Australia.  Bus loads of visitors of all ages arrive from all directions on festival day and meet and socialise at the Maclagan Memorial Hall.

A full hall

9 am to 5 pm - Hop on stage to showcase your talents or just sit and listen to others performing.


from 7 pm onwards - this year wear your favourite period costume and take to the floor to dance and waltz the night away.

Maclagan Hall dance

On Sunday join us for breakfast and more jam sessions before disembarking in various directions towards your hometowns around Queensland or interstate.


We would love to see you at our festival.  Contact us if you would like to play your free-reed instrument for us.

Saturday 8 OCTOBER 2022