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Where is Maclagan?

Think Australia.  Think the state of Queensland.

Go a leisurely 3 hours west from the capital of this state (Brisbane) and go over the Great Dividing Range until you reach the fertile agricultural region of the Darling Downs.


Maclagan is a small town located 80 km north-west of Toowoomba and 45 km east of Dalby.

Maclagan celebrated its centenary in September 2016.

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The Maclagan district is a very active regional community of around 200 residents.

The small township of Maclagan hosts a general store, fuel depot, butcher's shop, kindergarten and steel fabrication works.  A farm stay is available at Rangemore Estate Bed and Breakfast.

Five kilometres to the south is the small township of Quinalow.  Here you will find a Prep-10 school, a service station/hardware/produce store, a hotel, a caravan park, an agricultural business and a mechanical engineering works.

Where is Maclagan?

Bismarck was the name of this small town on Queensland's Darling Downs in the 1800s.


It got its name from a nearby mountain, named after Otto von Bismarck.

In  1916, the town was named Maclagan.  Why?

It's all to do with boxes of butter!

To find out more:

A souvenir history book compiled by local Royce Jensen about the early pioneers of this area, why the name of the town changed, as well as histories on all the different businesses, churches, events, is available for $25.


To obtain your copy, send us an email.


Saturday 14 OCTOBER 2023

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