Yes, the Squeezebox Festival is going ahead in 2022.  New organisers...new format!
Here is a message from the Maclagan Memorial Hall Committee Secretary:

Hello Friends.


The Maclagan Hall Committee invites you to this year’s Squeeze Box Festival.  We are working hard to organise the festival this year and looking forward to seeing many of you on the 8th October.  Attach is our flyer for more information.  You can follow us on Facebook on our NEW website  www.maclaganhall.org.au . Please be aware that we no longer have any input or control over the  old www.maclagansqueezeboxfestival.org.au and the information may not be correct.  

None of us are qualified on Facebook or websites but we are doing the best, we can.   If all else fails phone us, we are great at talking on the phone.

Sherryl Hansen 0746921265 or 0475518547 to book your seat,  Cheryl Peters 0427921336 for players and Janine Maynard 488921278 for Camping at the museum.

We have some new faces on our Hall Committee Team and all of us old ones are still here. We’d all love to see you on the 8th to catch up and have a chat. . 

Drop us a line if you get this email.




Janine Maynard


Maclagan Memorial Hall Committee

And Les’s daughter.

Please direct all enquiries about the 2022 event to the phone numbers listed in this email or flyer.

Each year in October, the small Queensland country town of Maclagan puts on the only accordion festival in Australia.
Do you love to perform with your button accordion, piano accordion, concertina or harmonica?
We are looking to hearing from musicians who would like to step up and showcase their talents at this year's festival.
Are you prepared to showcase your talents without seeking renumeration?
We would love to hear from you to discuss possible inclusion in our program.

More about this wonderful festival and how to get to Maclagan can be seen on other tabs at the top of this page.

Why and accordion festival in Maclagan?

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Saturday 8 OCTOBER 2022